Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Early Release Details

This Friday is our first Early Release of the year.  This is how it works (and what’s changed).
We’ve moved the day from Wednesday to Friday.
We’ve moved from one hour each week to two hours every other week – all year long until first of May.
It is a regular school day.  Students leaving/checking out before 2:30 are counted absent, which may keep you from attendance incentives during final exams.  Be here.  All day until 2:30.

Here’s the bell schedule for ER days:
Early Release:
•Zero Block: 7:50-9:20
•1st : 9:30-10:25
•2nd : 10:30-11:25
•3rd : 11:30- 12:20
•Genius Hour: 12:20- 1:35
1st lunch 12:20 – 12:45
2nd lunch 12:45 – 1:10
3rd lunch 1:10 – 1:35
•4th : 1:35-2:30

Here’s what you need to know.  Buses will still  run at 4:30 – regular stops.  At 2:30, parents may pick you up as usual or you may leave campus to catch a KAT bus, walk, or drive on your own.  If you leave at 2:30 you may NOT come back to get on a bus at 4:30.  If you stay on campus you will report to the Commons Area where you will be seated, find something quiet to do, and wait until dismissal at 4:30.  Sometimes there are some peer tutors available, but no teachers are available for help or to do supervised make-up work for them.  Students may not be anywhere else on campus. 

We hope you enjoy the early start to your weekend.  Teachers are grateful for the opportunity to meet and plan without having to come in early or stay even later to work with each other.  Thank you for making it possible by making plans to get off campus as soon as possible on ER days.

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