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Gryphon Student Announcements for 8/18/14

For Monday, August 18, 2014
“L” Day Classes

·      Please tell your parents that today (Monday) World’s Fair Park Drive will be closed in the afternoon due to an event in the park.  They need to pick you up along Grand Ave (the alternate pick up site labeled on our website).

·      Student Government Association (SGA) meets during Genius Hour on Mondays. If you're planning on attending this Genius Hour activity, you must have turned in a completed application and your fee to Ms. Ellis by Monday, August 25th. Students who don't comply will be reassigned to a different Genius Hour activity. Please see Ms. Ellis (in the Media Center) if you need an application or have any questions.

·      Our ID machine has gone kaput.  It is going back to the factory to get reconditioned so if you haven’t gotten your ID made for the new year yet, hang tight.  We’ll have it back up running and let you know through announcements how to get them.

·      You can return the forms you got in Advisory to any teacher or turn them in to the orange crate in the front office as soon as you get them signed.

·      Yearbook/school photos will be taken thisThursday, Aug 21 during school. You must bring back the envelope you were given in Advisory last week with payment to order any pictures.  You must bring it back even if not ordering so your name is spelled right in the yearbook – everyone will have their picture taken, even if you’re not ordering.  Senior picture retakes (formals only, no environmentals) will be done at the same time. 

·      Dress code reminder:  Its about covering up the skin!  Please remember we don’t want to see your back, your thighs, or your midriff.  All shirts must either tuck in or cover the area between your chest and pants/skirt/shorts waistline.  Distressed jeans cannot have tears above where we would place the hemline (below your longest fingertip).  Thank you for your cooperation!

·      Are you a student in need of clothing or shoes for the new school year but family is strapped for money?  Email Ms. Keith ( for info on how she an help you get what you need. 

·      SENIORS ONLY!  SOSE Students - Steps you must complete before you are approved:
1.  You must to return to me ASAP the designated TWO pages of the SOSE Application (with your signature, Parent Signature,  Mentor signature, and required Contact information.  NO FORM -NO GO!
      *A file folder is taped to the wall outside Room 210, Station, for you to place your complete application.  *If you have not received an application, please come by Room 210, Station.  

2.  You must have an "approval conversation" with me regarding your plan/project/experience and obtain my signature to proceed.  "Converstation Time" is during your SOSE designated period in the Commons.


·      Bell schedule for regular class days is:
o  Zero block    8:00 – 9:25
o  1st period     9:30 – 10:52
o  2nd period    10:57 – 12:19
o  Genius Hour – for this first week you will report to your Advisory group for Genius Hour.  You’ll eat the same lunch you did on Tuesday this week.
§  1st lunch    12:19 – 12:46
§  2nd lunch   12:46 – 1:13
§  3rd lunch    1:13 – 1:41
o  3rd period    1:41 – 3:03
o  4th period    3:08 – 4:30

Quote of the day from F. Scott Fitzgerald:

I hope you live a life you’re proud of.  If you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

Practice L&N Habits every day: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Design, Innovation, Inquiry, & Professionalism

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