Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gryphon Announcements for 8/21/14

For Thursday, August 21, 2014
“N” Day Classes

·      Thank you for your professionalism and cooperation during our lock down on Wednesday.  This was not a drill so we appreciate you taking it seriously.  We had a person on campus grounds (not in the building) who was refusing to leave.  We did not think he would harm any of you, but we needed to be sure we took every precaution until he was removed from campus by police.  Your cooperation helped us ensure your safety.  Thank you!

·      Are you someone who enjoys playing football? If so, join the STEM Flag Football League. Games are played every Friday and all are welcome. If you are interested in joining, please email, stating your interest. The season will be starting soon, so do so ASAP!

·      Big congrats to the golf team: they had a record setting match Wednesday night. The team counted a 157 which is their all time best. They also completed the ALS Ice Bucket challenge following the match and nominated the Robotics team, the Ultimate Frisbee team and the swim team to do the same. You can view their video at

Speaking of the ALS ice bucket challenge – Mrs. Ashe’s husband, the principal of the STEM Academy at Hardin Valley, challenged her!  She’ll be doused on Friday during Genius Hour – need some good creative ideas – email Mrs. Ashe ASAP with ideas!

·      Yearbook/school photos will be taken tomorrow, Thursday, Aug 21 during school. You must bring  the envelope you were given in Advisory last week with payment to order any pictures.  You must bring it back to give to the photographer even if not ordering so your name is spelled right in the yearbook – everyone will have their picture taken, even if you’re not ordering.  Senior picture retakes (formals only, no environmentals) will be done at the same time.    You will be called to pictures with your 1st period class.  You will not go to 2nd period until we finish with pictures, so you may not go to 2nd at all on Thursday.

·      Genius Hour groupings will be posted in the Commons for those without iPads and Mr. Childers sent a link for those that have one.  Keep up the good work on campus clean up after lunch!

·      You can return the forms you got in Advisory to any teacher or turn them in to the orange crate in the front office as soon as you get them signed.

·      Are you a student in need of clothing or shoes for the new school year but family is strapped for money?  Email Ms. Keith ( for info on how she an help you get what you need. 

·      Bell schedule for regular class days is:
o  Zero block    8:00 – 9:25
o  1st period     9:30 – 10:52
o  2nd period    10:57 – 12:19
o  Genius Hour – you should choose one of the following windows to eat.  Be sure to check with your Genius activity coordinator for the day to make sure they don’t need you to eat a certain one.
§  1st lunch    12:19 – 12:46
§  2nd lunch   12:46 – 1:13
§  3rd lunch    1:13 – 1:41
o  3rd period    1:41 – 3:03
o  4th period    3:08 – 4:30

Quote of the day from Richard G. Scott:

We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day.

Practice L&N Habits every day: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Design, Innovation, Inquiry, & Professionalism

L&N STEM Academy – TN’s First Apple School of Distinction, 2012-13 TN Reward School

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