Monday, May 11, 2015

Underclassmen exam early dismissal permission form

L&N STEM Academy
  Becky Ashe, Principal                              Tim Childers,  Assistant Principal                         David Combs, Assistant Principal

May 11, 2015

Dear L&N STEM Academy Parent or Guardian,

It is hard to believe that the school year is about to end!  Our final exam period will cover Thursday– Wednesday, May 14th  – 20th .   To mitigate stress on students, each day they will take only two exams. According to district policy, the assessments will be weighted to count 25% of a student’s final course grade in each class.  Please help us stress the importance to your student of preparing well for these comprehensive tests and then getting sleep, eating breakfast, and being here on time to take the exams.  Even classes who have already had a state End of Course or AP exam will have a meaningful learning activity during these scheduled times.

Final Exam Schedule
Thursday, May 14
Monday, May 18
Tuesday, May 19
            L1 class
N1 class
L1 class EXAM
L2 class
N2 class
L2 class EXAM

Wednesday, May 20
L3 class EXAM
N3 class EXAM
N1 class EXAM
L4 class EXAM
N4 class EXAM
N2 class EXAM

Here’s what you need to note about scheduling.  Students will have regular hours, 9:30 – 4:30 on Thursday, May 14.  On Friday, May 15 we will meet with all 4 classes, but they will be abbreviated and all students will be dismissed at 2:00 due to the fact that Friday is our last early release day for the year.  Students who need to wait for the buses, which will run at 4:30, will be supervised in the Commons area by KCS staff.  May 18 – 20 will be regular school days, dismissing with buses running at 4:30.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19 & 20, with your permission and owing no make-up work, students may dismiss at 12:30.  But buses will not run until 4:30.  The cafeteria will provide full service breakfast and lunch through Monday, May 18.  Breakfast and limited lunch will be available on Tue and Wed, 19 & 20.  The cafeteria will not be open at all on Thursday, May 21, which is a scheduled half-day makeup day.

In alignment to district practice, students may use the afternoon hours on Tuesday or Wednesday to receive extra tutoring or complete make up work on campus.   We have requested Habit Therapy dogs to come the afternoon of May 18 for students to spend time with them distressing and reducing test anxiety.  This is an option for those who wish to take advantage only.  To afford your child the opportunity to leave early on these two days, you must complete the permission slips at the bottom of this letter and have your child return them to any teacher by Friday, May 15, 2015.  If students choose to leave they must provide their own transportation and they must leave campus immediately.  Please make advanced arrangements for transportation.  Email, phone and fax dismissal requests will not be permitted. Your child is not required to attend school May 21, unless he/she misses an exam and must make it up.
Please discuss the information listed below with your child:
  • Students will be reported for “cutting class” if they do not turn in permission slips and do not report to afternoon study hall, which will meet in the Commons Area.  From there a student may make arrangements to go to a teacher’s room for make up work. Discipline will be handled at the first of next school year.
  • Students with early dismissals must leave campus immediately following the 12:30 dismissal.  Students must be with a teacher if still on campus.
  • Students should remain in class until the end of the class period even if exams are completed!
  • Students may not leave campus and come back to ride the school bus at 4:30 on the 19th or 20th .
  • Students may not go to other schools to visit during school hours!  They will be cited for trespassing by school security and could possibly be arrested!

We would like to thank all of you for your support and your active interest in your child’s education.  We have had a great year and look forward to lots more achievements and milestones to come!  Remind your students that summer assignments will be posted on our website by May 21.  I hope that each one of you has a safe and restful summer and comes back to us in August ready to begin again. Don’t forget to check our website, Facebook, or Twitter regularly over the summer for updates, announcements, and summer assignments.    Our office will be open from 9:00 – 3:00, Monday – Friday, all summer long.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call 329-8440.

The L&N Administrative Team

Please keep the top for your reference.  Cut below the line and return to any teacher no later than Friday, May 15.

My child ________________________________ has my permission to leave school at 12:30 on the dates checked below.
I accept responsibility for the transportation of my student from school immediately following the 12:30 dismissal.

Tuesday, May 19                                  

  Wednesday, May 20

_________________________________________          ______________ ___________________________________
      Parent/Guardian Signature                                                       Date                       Phone # for verification/Emergency
Return Permission Slip to any teacher by Friday, May 15.

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