Thursday, December 20, 2012

STEM STUDENT Announcements for 12/20/12

For Thursday, December 20, 2012
"L" Schedule Day
Early Dismissal Test Day

·      Regular class times for 1st and 2nd block this morning then students will be dismissed to eat lunch or leave campus.  Students are not to be in classroom areas unless accompanied by a teacher. 

o   Thanks to all those who stopped and signed the card for Newtown students yesterday.  It will be in the Commons Area at dismissal time today for anyone else who wishes to sign before we send it out.
o   Note about Friday – cafeteria will not be serving any food at all.  Teachers will expect you ONLY if you have makeup work scheduled with them.  Students who are here will NOT be allowed to stay as a group in the Commons Area but will be divided to go with the teacher to whom they owe work.

Mid-terms Exam Schedule
Thursday, Dec 20 – L1 and L2 exams (release at 12:30 for those with permission).  Cafeteria will have limited breakfast and limited lunch – Mr. McFalls (our cafeteria manager) made a special batch of salad for lunch today, you are welcome to purchase and enjoy it before leaving campus.

Friday, Dec 21 – exam make up day – only students who owe work should be here on this day.  The cafeteria will NOT be serving at all today.

Quote of the day: from Charles Dickens

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.

Have a great break with loved ones and friends.  Take time to just “be” and think about what’s going well in your life and what might be changed to be even better.  When you make your New Year’s resolutions, make exceling at school part of your list!
Happy Holidays from your Administration, teachers, and staff of the L&N.  See you in 2013!

Practice L&N Habits every day: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Design, Innovation, Inquiry, & Professionalism

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