Sunday, May 8, 2016

End of the year reminders for students for last 2 weeks of school!

Aside from your daily briefings, here is a glimpse day by day of what the next 9.5 days of school will look like at the L&N as we wrap up school year 2015-16.  Keep in mind school is in session and we have work to do every day – we expect everyone to be in class, doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and dressed according to the KCS dress code.  Let’s finish strong Gryphons!

Mon – 5/9 – Last “M” day classes of the year.  Early Release schedule. AP Biology exam.
Tues – 5/10 – Regular L day classes – seniors take finals in L3 & L4 classes, AP Government exam.
6:00 p.m., Spring awards night on the Plaza. Bring your family!
Wed – 5/11 – Regular N day classes – seniors take finals in N3 & N4.  AP English Language exam.
Underclassmen will receive final exam early release permission slips from N1 teacher
Thurs – 5/12 –  Regular L day classes - Senior exams in L1 & L2 classes. AP Statistics exam. 
Fri – 5/13 – Regular N day classes - Senior exams in N1 & N2 classes. AP Human Geography and AP Latin exams.  N3 & N4 finals during regular class time. 

Mon – 5/16 – WE WILL FOLLOW “L” DAY SCHEDULE.  NO EARLY RELEASE. L3 & L4 final exams during regular class time.  Early dismissal permission slip forms are due back!
Tues – 5/17 – L1 and L2 final exams.  Lunch will begin at 12:30.  Yearbook distribution and signing beginning at 1:00.  Those will returned permission slips will be allowed to leave.
Wed – 5/18 –N1 & N2 final exams.  Lunch will be served for everyone at 12:30.  Those who have returned slips will be allowed to leave.
Thurs – 5/19 – Makeups only.  Cafeteria will not be open for breakfast or lunch.  Students do not attend unless you have something to turn in/make up.
7:00 p.m. -  How to survive the zombie apocalypse play by our theatre dept on the Plaza.  Bring a chair!

Fri – 5/20 – Graduation!  3:00 at Thompson Boling Arena.  No school on this day but everyone is invited to attend graduation!

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