Thursday, May 12, 2016

Student Technology News!

Students in grades 9 - 11 just received the following email:

Be sure and ask your friends if they saw this email – this is big news!  We were expecting to add only one more grade level of MacBook Airs next year so juniors and seniors only would have them.  The system told us today that arrangements have been made for the whole school to convert next year – so everyone will be receiving a 11.3” MacBook Air laptop!!

Now, the challenge is that we are trading in your iPads to get the new laptops, which means we must collect your iPads before you leave school for the summer.  It means that students will be without your technology for a few weeks while we change over and upgrade.

Beginning in Advisory classes tomorrow, your teachers will help walk you through getting your iPad prepared to turn in.  There are several steps to take.  You will be required to turn in your iPad, school-issued charging cord, and school-issued cover.   Your final grades and new schedule for next year will not be released until your technology is turned in.  Keeping your iPad is not an option.  They will be reimaged and given to students at another school.

Students in grades 9 – 11 will turn in according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, 5/17, any student who will not need their device for exams/activities on 5/18 may turn in at the Media Center from 1:30 – 3:00, while Yearbook signing party is happening on Plaza.

Wednesday, 5/18:  
Busses still run at 4:30.  Students may leave as soon as they complete technology turn-in.
From 1:00 – 3:00 - 
9th grade will go to Media Center
10th grade will go to 2nd floor Station building
11th grade will go to STEMspace

Students may also drop off any time on Thursday.  Final grades and next year’s schedule will not be mailed until we receive technology.

About your new technology:
  • You are going to receive 11” MacBook Airs (just like the seniors currently have, except with double the memory)
  • You will need to provide your own protective coverings (sleeve or backpack) that you must have the day you go home with the new device.  Add it to your summer shopping list!
Students and parents will be required to attend an orientation (about an hour) in order to receive the technology.  We’ve scheduled them for:
  • Rising seniors: June 24 (immediately prior to movie night activities)
  • Rising sophomores and juniors: July 15, either 9:00 a.m. Or 1:00 p.m

We know this is sudden.  We were not expecting it either, but it is great news and just a couple weeks without your school device this summer is a small price to pay for your new device that you’ll keep until graduation.  Thank you ahead of time for your compliance and understanding!

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