Monday, November 21, 2016

11-22-16 Student Mission Briefing

For Tuesday, November 22, 2016 – “L” day
L&N Student Mission – #Own it!
School Ops:
·      We’re thankful as we head to our long Thanksgiving weekend for such an outstanding student body – here’s a whole list of congratulations!
o   Seniors – class of 2017 – finally broke the student curse and beat the faculty in this year’s annual flag football game!
o   The Social Studies Department would like to thank everyone for their cooperation today during the National History Day competition. Below are the school winners for this year. They will be advancing to the regional competition on March 3rd. 
o   Exhibits:
§  Seniors: Group
·      “Prohibition”: Charles Brush, Gracey Carrigan, Connor Rachael, Micah Riggs 
§  Juniors: Group
·      “Shooting for the Moon”: Kendyl Nicely, Grace Berry, Eddie Ceausu, Nick Duncan
·      “Anne Hutchinson”: Aruha Khan, Molly Miller, Hyatt Christianson, Madison Jackson
§  Individual
·      “African American Resistance”: Armani Hall
§  Sophomores
§  Individual: “Battles of Lexington and Concord”: Connor McGinley
§  Freshman
§  Group: “Sophie Scholl”: Juan Benn, Abigail Calderon, Anna Wolfenbarger, Chris Thayer, Justyce Thomson
§  “Thomas Jefferson’s War”: Joey Motto and Thomas Miller
§   Individual:  “Lady Diana”: Zachary Hamblin
§  “Martin Luther King: Civil Rights Leader”: Carter Manson
o   Documentary:
§  Juniors: Group:  “Jacob Riis”: Taylor Flores, Christina Varnes, Tiana Younger
§  “Coal Creek Saga”: Apple Lee, Zachary Medley, Abby Wells
§  Individual:  “Whiskey Rebellion”: Case Martin
§  “Deliberate Speed”: Gregory Croisdale
§  Freshmen:  Group:  “Nanking Resistance”: Rachel Barrick, Nic Boyd, Josie Bresler, Hila Williford
§  “The Prohibition”: Abigael Smith and Katelyn Woods
§  Individual:  “The Bijou Theatre”: Jared Watkins 
o   Websites
§  Junior:  Group: Galileo”: Nina Klein, Witt Spiller, and Emmanuel Sosa-Cruz
§  “Chiang Kai-Shek”: Owen Porter, Alex Seaver, Connor Shields, David Stewart
§  Individual:  “Oneida”: McRhea Finley
§  “DaVinci”: Adler Vunk
§  Freshmen: Group:  Bootlegging/Prohibition”: Hunter Russ and Clara Winn
§  “Bastille”: Phillip Barnaby, Marianna Simmons
o   Paper
§  Junior: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!” President Reagan Taking a Stand to End the Cold War: Laura Bretshcer
o   And from the Art Department:  Congratulations to these L&N artists whose work will represent our school in the Knox County PTA Reflections competition. Thank you to all of the students who participated and submitted entries.
§  Visual Art: Abigail Rumpp, Trinity Terry, Niquelle Mase
§  Photography: Kendyl Nicely, Joanna Reed, Philip Shaffer
§  Film Production: Cinna Lockhart, Mahogany James
§  Dance Choreography: Kate Jolly, Nina Klein
o   East Tennessee Regional Student Art Show: Congratulations to our talented L&N students who were juried into the very competitive art show at the Knoxville Museum of Art:
§  Visual Arts: Kendyl Nicely (Photography), Angel Quay (Painting), Austin Bradley (Drawing, 2 pieces), Christopher Sconion (Drawing); and, Digital Arts: Ivy Newport, David Butler, Maddison Wright, Nick D'Alessandro and Preston Gull. The show opens the Friday after Thanksgiving and is open until mid-January.

·      Students – thank you for your cooperation around restricted areas for Digital Labs.  The campus has been much cleaner.  When we return from Thanksgiving Break we will go back to working on the plaza if students wish to – but please continue to be mindful of taking care of our space and encouraging others to do so, too.
·      On Monday, December 12th, we have an opportunity for a small group to visit Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Lunch will be served on site with a special guest speaker discussing careers at the intersection of the Classics, Journalism, and STEM. If you are interested in touring the Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (3D Printing), the Spallation Neutron Source, and the High Flux Isotope Reactor, please complete this form: If you have any questions, please email

·      Today is the last day to bring in “coats for the cold!”  Contribution box is in the office.  Help others stay warm this winter!

Community  & Guidance Ops:
·      From your counselors:  Sometimes it’s just not possible to sort through tough times alone.  Problems can build up and you may lose sleep or find it hard to concentrate on your school work.  When you need to talk to someone, your school counselor can be a great place to start.  

School counselors are trained to take your problem seriously, listen, and help — it doesn’t have to be just about school stuff.  A counselor can help you deal with the sadness of when someone has died as well as advise you on taking the right classes to get into your dream college.  

Please remember to first check in with your teacher before going to the school counseling office if you are having an emergency.  If you would like to have a meeting about a non-urgent matter, email your school counselor to set up a time that works for both of you.  Know that you always have a safe place to talk, draw, or just have someone sit quietly near you while you process on your own.  

Quote of the day in the spirit of Thanksgiving from G.K. Chesterson:

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
Your teachers and staff wish you a very happy Thanksgiving – enjoy your 5 day weekend!

Practice L&N Habits every day: Professionalism, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Innovation, Inquiry, & Design

L&N STEM Academy – TN’s First Apple School of Distinction, US News & World Report Gold Medal 2016, Newsweek’s Top 500 “Beating the Odds” school

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