Monday, November 3, 2014

Changes to daily announcement format 11-3-14

I wanted to take a moment to explain the changes you’ll see in our daily announcements.  They have meaning and are the result of a lot of thought about our school and daily purpose of the announcements.

In recognition of our recent exposure to NASA and internal pre-flight operations we are changing our “daily announcements” to “mission briefings.”  This change is to remind us that our daily mission here is to “Empower learners, Inspire action, and Impact the future.” 

Prior to launches there are topical briefings by department (science, press/media, operations) that are grouped as “mission briefings," our announcements will likewise be identified by topics as follows:
School ops (“ops” - short for “operations”) - reminders and notices about general school events and business
Research ops – announcements from Guidance and opportunities to “research” future possibilities (testing and colleges, etc.)
Community ops  - notices about our school communities (clubs) and the greater Knoxville area volunteer and activities
Aside from reminding us that we are a STEM school with a focus on preparation for education and jobs in STEM fields, I hope this change helps to remind us all about our central mission – to Empower. Inspire. Impact.

Countdown to your future started the day you walked through our doors – get ready for lift off!

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