Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3-4-15 Gryphon Mission Briefing

For Wednesday, March 4, 2015
“N” Day Classes
Day One – 9th grade Writing Assessment

School Ops:
·      Time to order your AP exams!  See the attachment to register for AP exams.  Note all registration and payment is due by March 24!
Icky Places in School! Survey
We are conducting this survey to gather your opinion on where YOU think the most grotesque area in the school is. Please take a moment, and choose your answer truthfully.

·      Please help out some students doing research by taking this short survey

·      Freshmen – its your turn to show us what you know about writing!  TODAY and Thursday we will be administering the MIST Writing Assessment to all Freshmen.  ALL students should check the schedule at bottom of announcements to see if one of your classes is moved for this test.

·      Seniors – new pick up date and time for senior supplies is Friday, March 6, from 3:00 – 4:30 in the Commons.  You’ll also be voting for senior superlatives – make plans to be here!

·      Good luck to our TSA team – headed to Murfreesboro today to compete over the next three days.  Best wishes to all competitors and sponsors Mr. LaFollette and Ms. Cartwright!

·      L&N STEM Medic Blood Drive: Students, parents and teachers, plan to "give the gift of life" and participate in the Medic Blood Drive on Tuesday, March 10th from 9 to 3 in the STEM Space.  Students 16 and over are eligible to participate. If you're 16 and 120 lbs you may donate with parental consent. (Please use the form attached or come pick one up from Ms. Ellis in the Media Center.) Seventeen year olds that weigh 110 lbs or more may participate as well and DO NOT need consent. EVERYONE donating blood must have ID with them as well as a list of medications if appropriate. Please encourage your parents to contribute as well during our blood drive.  Go here to sign up to donate!

·      Attention juniors and seniors: there's only two weeks to purchase prom tickets. They are $50 for singles, and $90 for couples. The tickets can be purchased during all lunches on Wednesday. You only have until March 6 to buy both your prom ticket and pay your senior dues! 

Community Ops: 

·      High school summer abroad programs available with scholarships to offset the costs.  Go to  for info.

Quote of the day from Ronald Reagan:

There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.

Practice L&N Habits every day: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Design, Innovation, Inquiry, & Professionalism
L&N STEM Academy – TN’s First Apple School of Distinction, 2-time TN Reward School for Performance (2012 – 2014)

9th grade writing assessment schedule:
Wednesday, March 4--1st block (students report directly to testing rooms)
Jones' N1 to Media Center

Cartwright's N1 to Media Center
Cartwright's N2 to 104

Displaced Classes: 
Webb's N1 to Room 202
Norton's N2 to Room 213

Wednesday, March 4--3rd block (students report directly to testing rooms after Genius Hour)
Norton's N3 to Media Center
Jones' N4 to 104

Displaced Classes:
Sera's N3 Digital Music class to Room 213
Wilsey's N4 Astronomy to Room 207

Thursday, March 5--1st block (students report directly to testing rooms)
Jones' L1 to Media Center
Jones' L2 (Last Names: Sutton-Yeatts) to Media Center
Jones' L2 (Last Names: Archer-Spiller) to 10

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