Monday, March 2, 2015

AP Exam Registration Form

2015 AP Exam Registration
Registration Forms Due: March 24th, 2015

Student Name _____________________________________        _____________________________________
                                     (Last)                                                                              (First)

Grade: __________         Phone Number: ______________________          Student ID #: _________________

AP Exams:
Regular Exam: $91 per exam
Free/Reduced* Exam: $15 per exam (*Student qualifies for free/reduced lunch program)

All registration forms and payment are due to Mrs. Morrell (Guidance Office) by March 24th, 2015.  Checks can be made payable to the L&N STEM Academy with the name(s) of the subject exam(s) written in the memo line.  Questions? Contact Mrs. Morrell:  If you have 2 exams on the same date and time, contact Mrs. Morrell.

Please write the dollar amount for each exam you are registering to take on the lines below.

Chemistry                                                                    May 4th   8:00 am                  _______________

Environmental Science                                         May 4th   8:00 am                  _______________

Psychology                                                                  May 4th   12 noon                  _______________

Calculus AB                                                                 May 5th   8:00 am                  _______________

Calculus BC                                                                 May 5th   8:00 am                  _______________

English Literature & Comp                                 May 6th   8:00 am                  _______________

Physics 1: Algebra-based                                     May 6th   12 noon                  _______________

Computer Science A                                                May 7th   8:00 am                  _______________

US History                                                                    May 8th   8:00 am                  _______________

Music Theory                                                             May 11th 8:00 am_______________

US Government/Politics                                       May 12th 8:00 am______________

English Language & Comp                                  May 13th 8:00 am_______________

Statistics                                                                        May 13th 12 noon_______________

Comparative Gov. & Politics                                May 14th  8:00 am_______________

Macroeconomics                                     May 14th 12 noon_______________

Human Geography                                                  May 15th 8:00 am_______________

Microeconomics                                                        May 15th 8:00 am_______________

AP Studio Art                          _______________

Total Cost:            _______________                       

Date: _______________     Check #: ________________      Total: _________________       Received by: ___________

An email verification will be issued to students as a receipt.
Refund Policy:  No refunds will be issued after the March 24th deadline.

(For on- or off-campus activities during regular school hours)

Permission Slip for Off-Campus AP Exams

Location & Purpose:                                                  
                                     Holiday Inn -  AP Testing                                                     

Dates of tests you are taking:

Student Name:

_______My child has permission to attend.
_______My child does NOT have permission to attend.

____________________________________________                   ___________________           (Parent/Guardian Signature)

*AP Exams will be administered at the following location:

*Holiday Inn
525 Henley St.
Knoxville, TN 37902

*We anticipate all AP Exams being administered at The Holiday Inn. If the location changes for any reason, students will be notified; however, it is also your responsibility to confirm the testing location prior to the exam date. Updated information will be posted on the L&N STEM Academy Counseling page. Please initial here:__________  confirming that you have read and agree to the above statement.

Since L&N STEM does not provide transportation, we ask that you complete the information below:
__________________________________ has permission to drive or ride with another student
(student name)

to the Holiday Inn on ____________________________________________________.

Students will be dismissed from morning exams by noon. Students who do not have other AP Exams scheduled in the afternoon will not be required to return to the school (L&N STEM) campus. The reverse is also true for students taking afternoon exams. They do not have to come to school on the morning of the afternoon exam. Afternoon exams usually end by 4:00 p.m. Students will be expected to be present on campus for any other final exam and/or final exam review, and when required by a teacher.
________________________________________________                   ___________________           (Parent/Guardian Signature)                                                                               (Date)

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